Women’s Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West Inc. recently welcomed a number of new team members to help them promote women’s health in the South Western Victoria region. They approached me to produce a series of headshots of the new members while they were holding an induction workshop here in Colac.

Unfortunately the weather was anything but compliant and we were in the midst of one of our famous winter storms. Normally I would have suggested rescheduling the session, but as this was one of the few times that everyone would be in one place this was not an option. The uncooperative weather not only ruled out my previously scouted locations as going out from under cover was definitely not an option (except for a 30 second dash in a rain break at the end for the big group photo) and the venue they were meeting in was packed with other customers, but also made using most of my lighting gear impossible. Thankfully with a bit of ingenuity and a ton of sandbags (which were needed just to hold a bare speedlight in place, to give an idea of the force of the wind) I managed to get things ready for the ladies.

Faced with low single digit temperatures, gale force winds and a tight schedule I was eternally grateful for my subjects trusting me to make them look great. Despite the challenges of the day I think everything turned out excellently.


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  1. Jessica Schilling
    October 23, 2016

    Lovely portraits, especially given the weather!


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