Ross and Kate got married earlier in the year at an awesome winery in Victoria. While the surroundings may have been peaceful the recurring them of the day was how much fun people could have once they let their hair down. It definitely helped that the waether was co-operative and we had some absolutely killer light to play with.

Ross and Kate-001Ross and Kate-002Ross and Kate-003Ross and Kate-004Ross and Kate-005Ross and Kate-006Ross and Kate-007Ross and Kate-008Ross and Kate-009Ross and Kate-010Ross and Kate-011Ross and Kate-012Ross and Kate-013Ross and Kate-014Ross and Kate-015Ross and Kate-016Ross and Kate-018Ross and Kate-017Ross and Kate-019Ross and Kate-020Ross and Kate-021Ross and Kate-022Ross and Kate-023Ross and Kate-024Ross and Kate-025Ross and Kate-026Ross and Kate-027Ross and Kate-028Ross and Kate-029Ross and Kate-030Ross and Kate-031Ross and Kate-032Ross and Kate-033Ross and Kate-034Ross and Kate-035Ross and Kate-036Ross and Kate-037Ross and Kate-038Ross and Kate-039Ross and Kate-040Ross and Kate-041Ross and Kate-042Ross and Kate-043Ross and Kate-044Ross and Kate-045Ross and Kate-046Ross and Kate-047Ross and Kate-048Ross and Kate-049

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