Andrew and Miye decided that one state wasn’t big enough to handle their wedding so they split their day between Byron in NSW and Melbourne, they asked me to cover the Melbourne half of proceedings.

This was one of the first weddings I covered after moving out to the Colac area and even though the drive home was rather long, I couldn’t stop smiling after having been in the company of such a close group of friends and family.

Enough of my talking, to the pictures!

Andrew and Miye-001Andrew and Miye-002Andrew and Miye-003Andrew and Miye-004Andrew and Miye-005Andrew and Miye-006Andrew and Miye-007Andrew and Miye-008Andrew and Miye-009Andrew and Miye-010Andrew and Miye-011Andrew and Miye-012Andrew and Miye-013Andrew and Miye-014Andrew and Miye-015Andrew and Miye-016Andrew and Miye-017Andrew and Miye-018Andrew and Miye-019Andrew and Miye-020Andrew and Miye-021Andrew and Miye-022Andrew and Miye-023Andrew and Miye-024Andrew and Miye-025Andrew and Miye-026Andrew and Miye-027Andrew and Miye-028Andrew and Miye-029Melbourne Wedding PhotographyAndrew and Miye-032Andrew and Miye-033Andrew and Miye-034Andrew and Miye-035

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